My passion and concern for this country’s overwhelming issues of the day have made me acutely aware that this President is subverting the values I’ve stood for all my life. That is why I prepared this manuscript for everyone to read. I felt that it was critical to reach as many people as possible with a simpler, more concise form of the Mueller Report, and by doing so, reach a wider audience with the extraordinary, hard-hitting material that is Robert Mueller’s Report.

I am joining many others who are trying to expose this important document to the American People via radio, television, and other written formats. I hope that we are all successful in bringing this message home to our Country before we lose the battle, or sadly, the war.

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I truly care about the preservation of our Democracy and the State of our Union. That’s why, I chose to write this synopsis of the Mueller Report.
Once Robert Mueller published his report, I had to read it, to understand the facts behind The Russian Intervention in our 2016 Elections. Reading the Mueller Report, consumed a grueling eight hours a day for a solid week. Reverting to my graduate school days, I took meticulous notes, reading Mueller’s facts behind Russia’s Interference in our 2016 Elections and their cooperative efforts with Candidate Trump, effectively elevating him to the Presidency. Now, as I have always done throughout my career, I sought to understand why a future President of these United States would accept a foreign power’s help without question. I remain stunned.

I read the Mueller Report in its entirety. It stirred feelings within me of both patriotism and a strong desire to create a document for everyone to read and understand easily. I crafted a synopsis based on my notes and I sincerely hope that you will feel like I did after reading this version of the Mueller Report: we must pursue Justice to preserve our Democracy.

“We the People” are entitled to know all the facts about Trump’s Russian connections that are detailed in Mueller’s Report, Volume 1. Volume 2 provides the roadmap for Obstruction of Justice by listing the many instances of obstruction by the President during his Administration, linking those instances to incidents that took place in Volume 1.

Finally, on my Editorial page, I have provided my own thoughts as a result of this very intense experience. I passionately believe Congress should begin the process of Impeachment immediately based on the Obstruction of Justice facts laid out in Mueller’s Report, Volume 2. This action, in turn, would allow Congress and the American People to see the entire Mueller Report. It would negate Attorney Client privilege and assure that all witnesses called would provide truthful commentary or legally be held in contempt. Once the case for Obstruction of Justice proceeds pending Impeachment, the House of Representatives becomes a coequal branch of Government with independent rights.

Then and only then will we have the whole picture of what went on, and I believe that all the American People will then support Impeachment of this President, without a doubt!

Very Truly Yours,
Joyce Silver

Customer Reviews

My Italian student, Cora Partnoff, gave me a copy of your very well thought- out book, Shining a Light on THE MUELLER REPORT. It is brilliant and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work creating it. I especially like the “Who’s Who” section.

—Barbara Wells


Dear Ms. Silver–My husband and I have read your book and consider it a public service which everyone who is qualified to vote should review before doing so.  It clarifies so many issues and individuals involved in this disaster of an administration and makes the road to impeachment clear.

With appreciation —Cora and Wray Gunn